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Austin High School

301 3rd Street NW
Austin, MN 55912
School Hours: 8:30AM - 3:30PM

Austin Public Schools

Austin High School is partnering with the BARR Center in an effort to increase student success.  BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) is a strength-based educational model originally created to help students manage the transition to high school. This school improvement model can be implemented successfully in grades 6–12.The two fundamental pillars in BARR are (1) creating positive, intentional relationships and (2) using real-time student data in collaborative problem-solving settings to guide instructional action. BARR is grounded in science-based research, has been evaluated, and has consistently demonstrated positive results.

The desired outcomes include:

  1. Students earning all core course credits toward graduation
  2. Students earning higher achievement test scores
  3. Students more engaged in learning, with higher attendance and fewer behavior issues
  4. Students reducing the adverse effects of alcohol or other drug use on learning
  5. Students experiencing higher expectations and more rigor in their classrooms
  6. Students experiencing more support in school

These outcomes are accomplished by:

  • dividing the whole grade class into teams/blocks with each block having multiple core teachers
  • holding weekly block meetings of the core teachers where all students in their block are discussed
  • having students participate in activities with their classroom teacher to foster social competence
  • identifying high-risk students and implementing strength based interventions with them.


BARR Strategies

The BARR model uses eight interlocking strategies that build intentional relationships, utilize real-time data, and enable schools to achieve concrete academic, social and emotional outcomes for all students.

Implementation Plan

AHS will be working directly with the BARR Center and a designated BARR coach for the next three years during our implementation process.

Year 1

  • Implementation training for a small group of staff who were identified as being part of the year 1 implementation process
  • Scheduling of one team, consisting of 4 teachers
  • Scheduling approximately 100 students to have BARR teachers for at least three of their courses.
  • Implementation of I-Times on the BARR team
  • Team scheduling learning work for the 24-25 school year
  • Weekly virtual meetings with the BARR coach and four site visits by the coach.

Year 2

  • Implementation training for all 9th grade teachers.
  • Teaming of all ninth grader
  • Implementation of I-Times across the entire 9th grade cohort
  • Team scheduling learning work to include the tenth-grade class for the 25-26 school year
  • Weekly virtual meetings with the BARR coach and three site visits by the coach.

Year 3

  • Teaming of all tenth graders
  • Implementation of I-Times across the entire 10th grade cohort
  • Weekly virtual meetings with the BARR coach and three site visits by the coach.